We here at Spitball like to make you guys happy, and we recognized that our last website design was just not cutting it! Using feedback from our dedicated users, we re-vamped and re-designed Spitball from the ground up. Don't worry though - all the documents from the old Spitball are still available! Just search for your class under "Class Material." Then click on "Source" and "Spitball.co" to filter only Spitball results. And don't forget to like the documents you want to keep handy!
This is only temporary! We're working as fast as we can to bring the new design to our website, as well as Google Play.
We haven't launched at every school yet. If you want to see your school on Spitball, email us at molly@spitball.co.
Your class could be new, or none of your classmates have posted documents online. Be the first to upload! Share syllabi, old exams, study guides, and more. You'll be the class hero.
On the home screen, scroll to the dark grey icon and click upload content. Choose the course it belongs to, enter your name, and attach the document or photo to the post.
Click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the screen and select “Create Flashcards.”
When you're on a page or document you want to share, just click the icon on the bottom left of the screen, and the option to share will pop up.
If you encounter an abusive, offensive or inappropriate item, please contact us via the feedback page or email molly@spitball.co, and we will have it removed.
You can provide feedback through the app by going to your settings and selecting “feedback”. Alternatively, shoot us an email at molly@spitball.co
From your settings page, select “My Profile” to change your name, university, or notification preferences
Spitball was created as a community for collaborative learning. Students are already sharing knowledge, and our objective is to make students' lives easier by creating one unified platform to meet all of their academic needs. We are founded on the principle of transparency and are firmly opposed to plagiarism, cheating, and any form of academic misconduct. As such, we grant professors and administrators the authority to monitor class content to ensure that it is consistent with teaching standards and honor codes.