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This means that your peers haven’t started sharing yet. Be the first to upload! Share your syllabus, reading material, old exams, lecture notes, class summaries, links to relevant sites, online lectures and more.

To upload files or add links to a course you can attach files to posts made in the “class feed” of the course or upload the files directly by clicking on the “documents tab” of the course and then on “upload files”.

To remove yourself from a class you can:

  1. Enter the dashboard. Hover the mouse over the class, click on the three vertical dots icon at the top right corner of it and click on “delete” OR
  2. Enter the class. Click on the cogwheel icon at the top right corner, change the status to “unfollow” and click on “save changes”

To rename an item, first click on the item to open it. Once viewing the item, click on the vertical three dots icon and click on “rename”.

To add a new class, click on “browse classes” and enter the department under which this class is categorized.
Browse to the end of the existing classes list and click on “Add a class”.

If you encounter an abusive, offensive or inappropriate item, it’s possible to report it by entering the item, clicking on the vertical three dots icon and then “flag an item”.
It is also possible to directly contact us instead.

Easily! Click on the round blue icon at the bottom of the screen and leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Study groups default to public, unless you opt to change their status to “private”.
Should you wish to make your study group private - enter the class, click on the cogwheel icon at the top right corner, change the “privacy settings” to “By invitation only” and click on “save changes”.
Users can still be readily invited to join private study groups – they just can’t access them without an invitation.

Enter the class for which you’d like to create the quiz, select “Quizzes” on the left hand menu and click on “Create a quiz”.
Quiz creation is possible only in the web version – it is currently unsupported in the app and mobile versions.

You are only able to edit documents that you upload. If you wish to create a joint document with your classmates, we recommend sharing the document via Google Drive with your peers.

An “invite your friends” icon is available in various locations.
Clicking on “invite friends” on the dashboard will invite your friends to join Spitball via email, whereas clicking on “invite friends” from inside a class page (class feed or the class members’ pages both have this icon) invites your friends to follow that class.
Class invites can also be sent to friends who are yet to register to Spitball.

In the top right hand corner, select the Menu icon. From there, choose “Settings” and update your name, photo and school. Want to update your email address, password or language preferences also? From the Settings page, select “Account Settings” on the left hand side.

Select the Menu in the top right corner of the page, choose Settings and click on “Notifications” on the left hand side. From here you can manage or disable all notifications.